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Keeping the health bond between Employer and their Employee.

Learn who we are 

  • Consist of Directors that are US-trained and US Medical Board Certified

  • Directly provides US-trained and US Board Certified Cardiology Services locally

  • Cloud-based electronic medical records keeping (EMR/EHR) for all clients

  • Directly provide COVID-19 PCR testing with results available within 12-24 hours

  • Access to local and US-based telemedicine and second opinion consultations

  • OGUK certified Guyanese doctor (personally performing the examination in-country)

  • Guyanese doctor with offshore working experience on the Noble Bob Douglas

  • Multiple locations, including an Infirmary/Clinic at the Guyana Shore Base site

  • Mobile medical services for the convenience


Our company is 100% Guyanese owned and operated (Local Content Policy). Healthcare International Inc. differs from other Clinics and companies in several aspects

 What we do 

Healthcare International can design medicals individualized to suit your company’s needs, depended upon the employee’s job description and responsibilities.
Ensuring your employees are mentally and physically fit will also reduce downtime on the job
and reduce sick days.
Our focus is on providing quality healthcare for everyone under our care. Pre-employment
medicals and yearly medicals also help for early detection of chronic illness such as diabetes,
hypertension and cardiac pathologies.

Our Medical Team

Meet Our CEO

Dr. Ayesha Wilburg

Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director.

Dr. Ayesha Wilburg was born in Guyana, and presently resides in Guyana.  She is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Healthcare International Inc., which provides occupational health and urgent care services at three clinics across Guyana.  Dr. Wilburg is also the Medical Director at Coastal Diagnostics Laboratory, which performs COVID-19 testing and former Medical Director at St Joseph mercy hospital. She regularly volunteers for medical outreach missions in Guyana’s Region 1, where she was born. 
Dr. Wilburg’s clinical experience was garnered at Savannah-la-mar Regional and Cornwall Regional Hospitals in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She has also worked on the Noble Bob Douglas Drillship in Guyana and received training and authorization to board vessels via helicopter.  Dr. Wilburg completed her doctoral studies at the University of Guyana and is a certified doctor for Oil and Gas United Kingdom (OGUK) medicals. 

Dr. Ameeka Breedy

Family Medicine Specialist.

Dr. Ameeka Breedy commenced working with HCI in January 2022. She is a high achiever who gained her secondary education at Queen's College 1995-2002, afterwhich she was awarded a scholarship to pursue studies in human medicine at the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba. She graduated with distinction in 2009 and commenced practicing medicine in Guyana. In 2013 she was additionally certified by the Caribbean Exaxination Council (UWI, Jamaica). She migrated to the British Virgin Islands in 2016 where she practiced until late 2021. During 2016 to 2019 Dr. Breedy pursued a Master's Degree in Family Medicine with the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. She is a certified Family Medicine Specialist.

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