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Covid 19 managment plan

Image by Fusion Medical Animation

Let's fight COVID-19 together.

Healthcare International Inc can provide support for your staff that tested positive for COVID-19.
We have trained staffs who are vaccinated and trained in the management of COVID-19 infected patients

Our focus

The covid-19 pandemic  has broken down our nation's healthcare system. 
Healthcare International Inc will provide Optimal supportive care for all covid-19 patients in our care.
covid management plan

Management plan

This includes:
• Home visit for sample collection and testing. Also, a sample collection area can be created at the company’s worksite.

• Home delivery of treatment.

• Telemedicine management, which will connect you with our clinical specialists in the management of COVID-19.

• If your staff develops critical symptoms, we will assist with the transportation to Guyana central COVID-19 facility, where treatment and ICU care is available.

• Staff counselling is also available for those staff who are having difficulties dealing with the diagnosis of COVID-19.

• The Public Health System is providing free vaccination, and we can assist with facilitating appointments for your staff to be vaccinated.

COVID-19 test Result Reporting

• If samples are taken before 11:00 am, PCR results will be available the same day.

• All samples take after 11:00 am, PCR results will be available within 24 hours.

• Antigen testing which is approved for travel to the US is available in 2 hours.

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